Thursday, May 12, 2011

Neopathetic Jellybean

a rust colored bean
floats in a pea-green saucer
one is the mind
one is the supercomputer

a long flagellum
is what the spinal column suggests
to the being who calls itself
if part of the body is to be a model
for a new body

let our plastic jellybean brains
enter all mannery
all kinden
let poupee be Popeye
and use a mathematical formula
to design any flesh imaginable
by cabalistry

hovering keyboards
or averring key bards

to sample the ocean's sickness briefly
and then blur into green fuzz
and wild bouquets of crustacean jellybeans

how sirius
in its welding din
came for form

Anubis (seek)

Ammo E=ba
Ami Elba

Friend Poison
take my tickle reasoned

luminous jade brain sperm
ascend an imperial corkscrew

the ladder-library of eternity
some 'salien' or 'adhere'
the ladder-library is also called

'sticky beard'

the gooey guts of authenticity
run out everywhere

my wife thinks we should
have monumental versions
of stuffed animal roadkill

like guts could be excellent furniture
in an outdoor park.

Jakob Van Hoddis knew Walser
who wanted to be rich and live in

various luxurious settings,
but was killed with a hammer.

Neopathetic Jellybean: Expressionist.