Monday, May 23, 2011

Fundoomundalasms Ragey Pagey Hoopooe Quatzoans

Sveld Miela, would that your rhombonne veelers should
find the phytobezoar-lined pulpit of my heart's glove, that
uvulous, pendulous shaggy-broon of  C40H64, and
whatever you think this voice means, yum yum gloppy floorshoe,
show haloy kumper my passe'  nonfluorescent polyene
with slougi rumpus menomon whose modello gammerstang
broots such ovoid nut-brilliant tocsin, blood red figs falling torridly
on a transparent drum housing baby albino crocodiles
bathing in dove's blood..

Let us corfodle
among the jime grass futoyans
these musicians have stiff and stylized nooses
made for triquadrafortonic bassoonia,
wooden rocking rocking horse grasshoppers
that go wamoopa moopa
shuffling on rubber grommet extruders
tipper tapper leaves
a black rubber doughnut trail

the dumbness of death
and life
all summed up in a mouth


and silently
drifting upward
in the waterfall
of mazey and colorless compounds

ex prima extimæ faciei inspectione quivis abditas vires assequatur

"shub-thrang's viscicle"