Monday, January 17, 2011

Bunga! Bunga!

O Israel cannot be confined,
Give back what you have taken
Lord Carnarveron!
Baron Chandos!
Paul Leppin!
Milton Avery!
dressed in Summertime
juggers and nautica

There goes Rimbaud
slinking into Zanzibar!

There goes oblong ochre
rummaging through
green teats
and colored wheels,
O Isreal! O Amoeba
in six lipped mangers!

rawdiant crawflakes
snowdaddy Esther..

A Bratwurst
carries cocaine
to a hive of Inca
Banana! No!

White haired Nazi-Werewolf.

Literal Neanderthal.

Wolf Vagina
singing Zanzibar's
national anthem:

I am thee, Blaugast, my rumply grey dogcoats
erupt in feathered collars, etc..

Who comes bearing cantos?
Earl Suddenly!

Oh Is Real!