Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Grilling Myself in an Open Pit.

matter the harsh-lept
wot, bane through nickel
may nete surmatch;

it's whole to cavil them,
where o'er-misal told
natural wisdom, unkind-

pund, with punctulated poesix
a hovering liver shape to pistend,
ocksy to ocksy this area~

boundaries another stare,
how to leverage loins
into delicate petals
for feet climbing
to pation>?

a baby's foot
on the pelvic replicas
arranged so as to
cup the joiner's
white binocularis...

^Alypius^ closes the nigh eye
on selfhood:

"gaol and gale and gall
have purposively
fused here"

/the actual school/
moments in Augustine.