Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shaving Cream Worlds

i am sad to define it
when water eeks its business alone
as phrases go out
over the watery children's graveyard
the gift in the stall
eye ocean

cry ocean of children
to prometheus
who sees in his sleep chamber
the sad silent demon
in his clothes
suddenly a normal thing in the room
a normal space
becomes the body of a demon

if i am breach-birthes again
i'll have an acupuncture
a seal will low on a high rock rick
my name could be cheap whistles

Old Doctor Mindell
when you drifted out of your angular pod
like an orange shirt
a good demon with woody skin
became traffic

all the footpaths
in all the countries
tamped as soft as bread
by the little pipe-heads
of your feet

are sociopaths
Pliny describes Parrhasios'
picture of the demos
as a set of emotions

i have a weird poster
of an old man
trapped inside
an elephant
smelling his own feet
for children

many companies these days
prefer August

August was the year
when the Samurai with rabbit ears
adjusted our demon's channel internet

Lucy and Diane
in the breakroom
I write
gothic 181420111956678993

Lucy has two squirrel heads for cheeks
the children of prometheus
name the child 'factory'
and lay it down

upon the August manger contraption
like the zither worm is laid to trough
like the Uranverein
plying its maschine
against the entrails of Hermes

Our Father
who art into conspiracy theory
Hollowed Earth be thy name

and the phrase before the orvortory

America stole the Atom Bomb from Germany
To Kill the Japs

is like a lead baby
in his diapers.

I've got to give all the little 
members back
to their mutters.

Here members:

Here's your mutters,

"The Avant-Garde ischadas Biggie Ischnos
in the breakroom with a lucyfoot.