Monday, January 17, 2011

Sunday Night's Studio Gambitry

We were watching a very strange film as we were painting Sunday evening. It was called _Don't Look Back_(Ne Te Retourne Pas). The film was very, no, incredibly different in certain aspects than any film I'ver ever seen. Not that it was a particularly successful film in every respect, but the use of make-up to convey schitzophrenic affect was to my viewing history fairly unique. It bumps up against Cocteau's Blood of a Poet in certain aspects of the visuals, but so too does it feel very Chabrol, and it makes you look down on Chabrol a bit for not making something like this, but better. Anyway. All that kind of shit is more or less just noise. It was a very good effort, and the actresses were beautiful. And really I think, there is a strong sense of confusion conveyed, you become just as confused as the character. Many things to think about in the film, though I only actually watched it sporadically at first. When Kara began to snooze, I ran it back and forward both to rewatch some parts. The French woman completely changes into an Italian woman. It is very odd and it made me smile and scratch my head. The painting I did is I see now, a sort of blurry burn in image of my own blog header. Too much blogging! Never enough!
FRANCE! Sadly there are no pics on the web of when her face is made of two-different personalities which look very different. Pretty cool effect.

:) peach and love to all paintings and painters of anything.