Saturday, January 1, 2011

Candid Lay the Sentimental Omen, Its Red Snout Lifted in the Rain.

firends liffing
the longest sailboat known
we camp the chairs that slide among
the singing

densest construction of aeolian
to kinetic force in rhapsody
harp sail mandala's
vibration transduction pitch


event dynamics
cannot beet a cup
how flying fish
shimmer in heart's fruit

the head chrysalis ages
tame tapestry undone by
heaven's torpotopo
damp and lopping
ear dragons

word would rabbit dragon
an icon lifted out of still cave streams
some single transparent being
become transapparent sea

two thumbless kissing lemon candles to eek out a head
in shadow
the cup with a leak door
rude with color
and kills

first brands
touch skin
thin skin milk corrodes
how green metal oeuvres skin

paid for pegs
in camp
now its three green legs are one
and the travel stops abruptly
but the trail leads on up
into the luminous blue

how ice and throat passives
a strange inert warmth
a hidden cycle some small city

exporting only strange fragrance
to wordless
precious sighs of structure

all structure is precious
all structure is precious