Sunday, January 2, 2011

We Cannot Renew An Interest in Fresh and Vivid Language.

odd to a limpid drama procure
tambourines hovering around
Tamburlaine the Great (Greek Eggs)

cc: Rodan visa hipsnatch guard
cc: Rodan super wannabe realist oliver retingild
cc: Allover Rodin. Times for sam. Wakay Vacation soluble.
cc.. jade bat war diorama surrounding illuminated geode brain

[Situate at skull of "the thinker": bats are pea peach each (gr-gr-greeen)

with haircut (static nodes are supple hairlike dimensions)

single very special thong purchase
to clothe the stuffed wig

sewn together frankenwig with thong
and neon oracular tripod

non-heating (mean)

gas (lavendar gravy smokes)  which pours from a V-shaped hole
and a cardigan laid nearby over a black chair made from a large camera hole.

and escaping through the lens
more images of beams shooting from the eyes

super gymnasts launching toward the curtain of water
through which we burst 

into unknown blisses

a white empty sun of a room
thousands of mood bladders inflating at the temple
and the body shirt

diaphanous spiritual free

the single perfect needle in modernist space accelerating
the weird perfect fang in cartoon town just about to maybe


image by Paul Thek.