Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I saw the best minds of my generation
and they were painting shrimp-sheep
with glittering squid heads whose tentacles
were 'handling hand-carved icons'
of 'serpentine and carnelian and shit'

shrimp-sheep w/ squid heads
as ridden by brain-zombi-chao-boys
whose skinless musculature
is brain
whose chaoboy hats
are coralline
with hatbands
of festooning toonage

imagine whatever you like
for a coral hatband cartoon
as sculpture

the red penis
is furred in tiny green penises
and enters the back of the head
of the shrimp-sheep with squid head
ala glitter handling icons.


handling heavy glitter
with glitterpalps full of chaoboys
riding shrimp-sheep
with walt whitman heads
with squid beards
handling tiny
dead and naked little soldiers
schlupping them into the maw.


Ah so.
Earth, old Earth.
Word Eater. Intestine masked
labyrinth faced.

sheep shrimp.
with halo.

Brain Zombis cometh
to herd the fat herds of Gesteins
to the Maw of

know thyself
chaos electric monkey particle agitator.

Walter Brennan crossed w/ Charles Heston
to play Saint Anthony
as attacked by popeye wookie lizard-lip cherubs
with milk armor splashing into subsequent

cartoons of your design.

Gentlemen! or Ladoes or whatever


(specific results are not guaranteed, only encouraged)

1 comment:

  1. Cool. Siegfried sassoon would probably have approved (not knowing his necrotic person, i couldn't say for sure).

    Awesome word-pictures. Mawdryn Undead visits with dali and Crowley. Boom! Brains for lunch.

    Arioch would probably approve too, and all the other Lords of Change, but i dare not speak for them. Unless they seize my puppet form in the hellmists of dream, and use me as a dread immortal priest of their damnation and carnelians. With Tuesdays off; for gardening and rest.

    Thanks as always for the work - a pleasure.


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