Friday, January 21, 2011


atlantean glimmer.

i see jim morrison refigured as prince namor,
and in a comic called


in which he is an architect whose speciality is cinema,
and a kind of spectacular cinema of hovering and kinetic screens.
multiple screens that interrupt and transfer and associate with one another.
the tyranny of the single screen is replaced with the kinetic palimpsestos
of the demonomacritos, the democratusk of being in space (bird).

The great man is both an Atlantean prince, and a shaman of Vulcan logos.
The wings on his ankles
give him royal knowledge of syntaxis,
and his chose
is like the rose of oraculum
ever confiding of witch-knight angles.


I hate getting old
and smelling like poo.

I should like to be in a silly but epic pulp film
illustrating cosmic visions of a weird
and wonderful varietoss.