Monday, January 10, 2011

Sexual Canyons Open, Exual Manyons Clus

illuve' von nova don
noda coda cone
bone' bene' veni fiscolarion
nit not

why when Blake that to speak
about the earth as the earth in wordless
unknowing it is dark?

why are there ontological darknesses
which are the soul of matter?
only rendered by Blake
as darkness, as in
the world is a darkness,
and it means a severely
dark place
because it is material,
and because the word
is nothing, it is doing nothing much
to illuminate the actual darkness
which is something more.

I think something like
'glossy cable'..

It takes purpose
to see through the affect
of darkness itself.

We are that affect.
We are cards.
We are the game
that nature plays
with it self.

Recently mention of the
Bidaux family reunion in France.
A funeral, or rather a memorial.
Too much to go into.

Le Bidot.

[coming soon: some weird scribblins echo echo nostrum "jackie"].

"Consciousness is just a bunch of fucking lines."