Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Some Posts I dig.

Must point out some blog posts of late of which I especially approve

Tom Clark's Posts on Doctor Syntax

here, and here

and a recent post by John Lotta which finishes with a nice encomium on beans!


which includes an utterly priceless reference to the beans inside a jester's bladder, etc.
and also liked this from Latta's post on Anselm Berrigan:

I should be more fucked up than this horrible phone.

Very nice, Fellas! as always.


  1. Thanx for linx - I was getting desperate for something to read out here, too. The more that happens in the world, the less news of it reaches my door.

  2. Haven't read the links yet, but the beans in the jester's bladder sound most entertaining and informative. Hope all's well and a hello from this frozen sunlit island morning -


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