Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Even Divine Light is Goat Snort or Dog Tooth, Universe Always Already Cynomorpha (S.I.)

pink amoeba beast
you take the troad
to toad hull

fumana fumana
fou gou frou gao mu

mau fru
gu mau gumu fao


configurable partibeing
if we watch the Dunwich horror
and you look like Sandra Dee

I'd love to see
Ezra Pound reborn
in some weird Chthulu rite

Love to see the
monstrous elder gods
who seem like they must
be nothing but
a child's labored breathing
over protoctistan vistans

this weird burly shit
is so tired
so old
just watching the old
shit self
gobble itself up
in slow majestic fury

I'd love to build a golden calf house
comtrol vast cultus
with flick of wrist

I'd be a sweet discrete
and chaste Apollo

riding my lyre bike
high in the clouds
just creaming on weird thrums
in sanctified empty eternities
of beatific