Tuesday, January 18, 2011


mule tis table light
mulling lips stint 'til
lit with total ability
its tiled tail relates
this story:

ockockaboo chombarly rubmunchkinopt
tamale column cellphone
drink green bandito
where store fronts
wear store fronts
its store of frontings
store you
front you a store

we'll take the donkey
you say heading out into
the moor

i'm not so stable anymore
old english hangman
rummaging for rope
in a cabbage pot
oppossums on his shoulders
like epaulets

he whips out his phaser
it's a frog
and it burps
exhausted by the effort

it's a beautiful diagram
made of sticks
and someone fortune cookie
the limp manifold
of this juncture

spring is speeding up
and pulling away from the pack
we old
sleep in gray buckets
swarm in sleepless syllables
unable to move
unable to stop moving