Monday, January 17, 2011

Cosmopolitan Mead Brokerage

mastadon spider head vehicle
as zen monk
i see you trapped and bellowing
or driving, perhaps
in hovering tarpit-amoeba-cellphone

i sweep the perimeter of being
with tentacle broom beermug condom opera
and ignore your song
which many plants
record clandestinely
for pinecone ringtone
and for ceramic saddle bonnets
whose monkey riders
are absent

oh mastadon spider head vehicle
you peer like an islamic woman
from the tarpit of communication's

you are the howdy doody
no one recognized
in the subway to hell
or alewife station

you are the dimmer switch
of los analages
where klein geodicy
koons a violent language
of faux arks, a noisy
noah of nous meant
to take

mastadons unto istanbul
for their heads to be fitted
with double headed eagles
for their ears to be hung with

we see large elephant mouths
saying civrieux, service,
survision, survirus

lanterns float in the breeze
while under

mastadon heads roar
from tarpit spider's heads

our head
is like a breast of flies
a catacomb
of milk-distended eyes

fuff uff

scarterio obolondobondo

as a zen monk
riding a mastadon
through oily spiders
and their human thorax heads

will favor

will forever

newt purses