Tuesday, January 11, 2011

organ clusters hovering like letters (to an applicationism)

fawned allure
what lurid limpid
might entail
low bumps moving
in the surface
of a sour
and ornamental
soup's on

the extension
of its flaps
into the regular
and quotidian batter

medieval characterizations
seeming more apropos
without any such evidences
like 'moon town'
or 'station ezekielle'

jester with mohawk
striped drug worms
which come extruding out
of the puppet's chin
falling in a pile on the floor
where mechanical caterpillars
incessantly rummage
among dully hallucinating signs

perfect and poignant
the word nothing
vibrating in a specific frequency
in order to shatter
an enormous hollow glass figure
whose production contains
inestimable labors
and value

extispicy of stringlings
the currencies of today
looked at
as under a microscope
some certain
species of promotion revealed
as that proverbiality contained

a shotgun in the dark
the surrealist rumptomp

Marsyas surfing
on a modified spoon
through endless trippy repoctions
of old French paintings

glue cherubs
dining on ruby colored pearls
with arms like snowman sticks

waterfalls of red pearls
falling from wooden gondola heads
whose balloon brains

like wild cities of illuminated fungi
fuzz and thump
and strain

like exploding puffballs
hanging empty

bleak blue mind snow
swiroiling around
purple tongued stalagmite

muse burps
oracular gurgles
as gore-grylles

every existence a violence
in a thing which worships
and adores violence

like holy lava
poured in a secret viewing retort

wood masked weirdos
from stinking steam

limp volumes
of triassic megaplurals

of horn