Monday, January 24, 2011

Why My Campaign Is Different, And Why JBW Will end up Grand Emperor of the Universe in 2011.

It happens, or as they say "shit happens". I wake up this morning, and it is a good morning, I slept GREAT! And the oddest thing happened. I began to hear this questioning voice, or the little voice like the single disgruntled bird in the bare winter tree of cormorants. It is that single bird which gives the chorus depth!
Just kidding. So, like this morning, I'm doing the SSS thing, making my pirate's head of coffee, etc, when this shape, or collective symbiont thing crawls into my head. And it does kind of speak. It's like:


Do you remember, do you remember
the Creative Mythologies book you read by Joseph Campbell
when you were 16? Sure. Do you remember all your stoner visions
in High School. The night you saw Hermes as an 'amorphous blanket of mercury'
hovering invisible in the stratosphere. Heliobacter.
All your random characters. The name you gave to Hermes? Technologos.
yes. I remember. I remember the magnetic fountains. I remember thinking
about cosmic amoebas. I remember running my eyes over the creative
mythologies of others. I remember Urizen:

In the complex mythology of William Blake, Urizen is the embodiment of conventional reason and law. He is usually depicted as a bearded old man; he sometimes bears architect's tools, to create and constrain the universe; or nets, with which he ensnares people in webs of law and conventional culture. Originally, Urizen represented one half of a two-part system, with him representing reason and Los, his opposition, representing imagination. In Blake's reworking of his mythical system, Urizen is one of the four Zoas that result from the division of the primordial man, Albion, and he continues to represent reason. He has an Emanation, or paired female equivalent, Ahania, who stands for Pleasure. In Blake's myth, Urizen is joined by many daughters with three representing aspects of the body. He is also joined by many sons, with four representing the four elements. These sons join in rebellion against their father but are later united in the Last Judgment. In many of Blake's books, Urizen is seen with four books that represent the various laws that he places upon humanity.

Heliobacter? I hear the word, but where and why does it come? Helio?

combining form of Gr. œkio| sun, occurring in various scientific and other terms, most of which are entered in their alphabetical places; others of rarer occurrence are placed here. helio"arkite a. [cf. arkite], relating to the sun and Noah's ark, as objects of worship; qhelioco"metes [mod.L., f. Gr. jol–sg| comet], an appearance of rays of light extending from the sun like a comet's tail; helio-dæ"monic a., relating to the sun and dæmons; helio-e"lectric a., relating to electric force emanating from the sun; helio-en"graving = heliogravure; helio"fugal a. [after centrifugal; cf. F. héliophuge], tending away from the sun; heli"olater [Gr. -kasqg| worshipping], a worshipper of the sun; so heli"olatrous a., worshipping the sun; heli"olatry [Gr. kasqe¬a worship], sun-worship; heli"ologist, one versed in heliology; heli"ology, the science of the sun's energy and action; heli"ophilous a. [u¬ko| loving], fond of or attracted by sunlight; helio"phobia [Gr. -uob¬a fear], dread of or shrinking from sunlight, photophobia; so "heliophobe [Gr. -uobo| fearing], one affected with heliophobia; helio"phobic a., fearing or shunning sunlight; heli"ophyllite Min. [ad. G. heliophyllit (G. Flink 1888, in Öfversigt af kongl. Vetenskaps-Akad. Förh. XLV. 575), f. Gr. uÊkkom leaf: so called because of its colour and structure], a yellowish oxychloride of lead and arsenic, probably dimorphous with ecdemite; helio"polar a., pertaining to the pole of the sun's rotation; helio"tactic a., responding to sunlight by movement; characterized by heliotaxis; helio"taxis, phototaxis due to the rays of the sun; helio"therapy, the treatment of disease by exposure to the sun's rays; %heliozin"cography (see quots.).

[mod.L., ad. Gr. bajs–qiom, dim. of b0jsqom stick, staff.]
(sorry, The OED greek changes into monsters.)

Combining forms?

It is then that I see down into the guts of the entry on H. Pylori (Helicobacter Pylori).

H. pylori is a helix-shaped (classified as a curved rod, not spirochaete) Gram-negative bacterium, about 3 micrometres long with a diameter of about 0.5 micrometres. It is microaerophilic; that is, it requires oxygen, but at lower concentration than is found in the atmosphere. It contains a hydrogenase which can be used to obtain energy by oxidizing molecular hydrogen (H2) that is produced by intestinal bacteria.[5] It produces oxidase, catalase, and urease. It is capable of forming biofilms[6] and can convert from spiral to a possibly viable but nonculturable coccoid form,[7] both likely to favor its survival and be factors in the epidemiology of the bacterium. The coccoid form can adhere to gastric epithelial cells in vitro.[8]

Urease? Urizen?

When I was 15, I dreamed of a slowly moving statuary based on a swarm of computer controlled components. I still have the pictures I drew in my little Mead notebook.

When I was 17, I was visited by a dark being from an inner universe?
My first national publishing feat was even odder, and even stranger went virtually unnoticed?

Gus Van Sant found one of my zines and published something he found in one of them. The story contained a character called Roentgen, which is of course the name of the inventor of the X-ray,
but my Roentgen is a sort of 21st century retro-futurist Techno-terrorist. In the story he drops faux foetuses onto the superbowl from an airplane. For me, the image was just another wry re-stating of the Gorgon myth, or a retracing of the Gorgon myth's zoa, it's interior form.

For me today, the Gorgon is the totem of the grotesque, of the disconnect between culture and reality. The Gorgon is the truth principle, that the reproductive force renders the cultural force moot. It is the reality that reproduction IS the only culture, and the meaning of every culture. We are a biofilm on a celestial stone.
And what they don't tell you, is that this is THEE ye olde debat, the root of all 'cultural' debats which is in essence nothing more than a policy war over the 'encoding of agents in the field'.. an easy find in any History of any cultural backdrop is the presence of THE WEIRDO! the loan bird who calls bullshit.

Novel concepts Eckhart introduced into Christian metaphysics clearly deviate from the common scholastic canon: in Eckhart's vision, God is primarily fecund. Out of overabundance of love the fertile God gives birth to the Son, the Word in all of us. Clearly (aside from a rather striking metaphor of "fertility"), this is rooted in the Neoplatonic notion of "ebullience; boiling over" of the One that cannot hold back its abundance of Being.

We unite and combine structuring and destructuring drives and confuse and are confused by them.
We ignore the paradox of singularity, and shatter our own being into 'narr'-ative..

We are fooled by what we are. We are fooled by the stories told about us. And we are even fooled into not-knowing.

The Universe is weird. And we are weird-ose.

This single narrative, or fact, or mythology is all that is needed.

Like the Mandrake which the witch beast holds over the wound, each of us is game-piece and totem. Each of us is a structural agent in a complex unfolding of unique physical events.

If the mansion of the real is a 50 thousand mile long suitcase
copying itself into our own mythology.

Think of Gorgon heads worn upside down as shoes. Think of putting your feet into bloody neck holes. Think of walking on water using undulating snake power.


Structural members.

Tekton Mantis calls out to the 8 other old ones!

Elder Shamans! Your Tekton Mantis calls to You!

Awake! Reveal you luminous semio-staffs!

Become the 3 by 3 Hermetic Triunity.

Become Coffee-Powered Heliobacters!

Remember our great PHAGE MOTHER SZUKALSKI!

Remember your Slavior, J'EL LIBENE' LiBENE'
(you must buy the holy books to find the secret knowledge!)[see at right]