Saturday, January 15, 2011

Murk's Finality Is Joy Itself (A Fool Half-Madman).

the single bean
at the top
of the beanstalk


however is
the troiling
the hot odd baal
in its belly
of sea stormed

for what is
to a fool?


I am allowed to describe
the soft perfection of your gaze,
the calm grace of your absoluting
givens, we are one, and we go on.

I am new to drawing out this tarragon,
and on the terraces, the lawn, I remove any obstacles
to humor, for the mind

is like a hologram of winding
passages, a swirl of constable
endocrasy, and no longer
does any affect hold sway,

we hold the structure of it
to the light, to the dark

and some of it
seems transparent
and some of it

I see Connie's head emerge
from the eye-socket of the sitting
Lincoln, her long stiff afro-dong
like a floppy feeler.

Bob Dawbs..
Bob Dawbs found a gigantic sperm cell
come crashed in like a meteor
with only a great cracked skull
and a spine.

[In a Krater]...

if a castle made them
of green and lyrical abortions,
their stained red hands
rummaging at livers
too hot to touch
without gloves...