Sunday, January 2, 2011

Primble Danforth, My Coming OVer Land (Hollywood)

In the dark rain
concentric columns of ash dominate
the orange glow
from its strong slow earthen

and pygmies gesture sweetly
from leather balconies
making their fists
into boar's heads
which split open

and lava

the lava boars come forward
through its face
to greet the dark pygmies
in the orange rain

and lava

the pygmy of lava
a black smoking
boar head

and druids

druids share
with the dark
dark rain

and in the forest
where the dioramas are made
where the turbulent wax
of the luminous backlit sea scab wax keyboard

and sexwax

a druid
with a pygmy parrot
of dark rain
on a forest
of pork
wearing a

the gift is an orange mouth
the strange strong volatile humor
as expressed by the pygmy
to the Pharaoh

he gestures like the crane
the slow limbs are unfolding along
the letter
where the seem
descends to its perch

how can not parrot
not perch

pig pharaoh fish
its stage is moving

It is odd to see a small human sleeping
on top of a large human shaped pillow

with a wet orange mouth
and a waxy trick pastry exoskeleton

clothe the trance
in wax

sting odd fish
or see corn row
of scorpion tale
not perch

pork comes out like lava
from the parrot's human beak mouth pillow

pillow lava

In the dark rain
strange pornos in an unknown temple

peg narts

rope peg noir

parrot snake
takes cobra wheel
to earring

orange parrot pillow mouth
eject pork ash


in Napoleona

such Mu Bach

tends the keyword

lends the harvesting
where the black needle
the meechy steel

add lava
if jelly brick
not suffice
the lattice of
fangs to collapse
in countering

and featherbrew

and lava larva baby billygoat horns
its transparent omnipotent petri skull
must show brain ala Proteaceae
must show squab
ala goat mop

and the William Faulkner spider zombi thing
hides her in a corn crib in the barn; Popeye.

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