Monday, January 3, 2011

The Epic Sojourn

They were Entomologists
who knew not a single
Oceanographer's name.

The special lantern
began its life north of
Clymene Clinamen's
Hadda, in the wild
district of Pan-Reliefia,
the crank, a twisting adder
running down into a worm-gear,
the thing like an egg-grille-head,
and onion-lamp build upon
primitive references of holography
and optical interference

language merging in the distance
the single ball of

rolling on the plane of

these wooden catacombs run up
the cliff face, form a wild extrusion
at the peak and descend down the other side
into the deepest cavern known to modern science

Son Doong
Nude Nous


How Merz made
effect or lack
its circumference
among the Dadaist's
whose friends
knew the very ocean
of Entomology's Taxila

Anna Blume,
pickled plum,
Kali-Venus bird
in fiery egg-trestle crown
lingam head hearth of amber
burns frail incense


no mechanical dhuni
no afghanistan
that mountain-minded Yethoon
Who found all form and order in
jellybeans, and newfangled n-compas-sings

no more insult
than the insult of semiosis
with grave foot
I press down
I press it down
and let butter flow
from the Entomology
of Dada Venus Fireflower
via lactea (ad stuporem) cummultisaliis~
Cowhead made of pressed wildflower

der fangelfon
its the bird
in space
in your eer

Waxen toe coffin
I oooffer

A big Sheriff
with pirate overalls,
potable gold,

Old Sarah Test in Fango Parsimonia

to litir it irart
ought it tyroti

no bliss but hell
worms in captivated orgies
encomiums of grace
upon an orange stone
I am glad to be commended Maximus
my baggy polio is gloing long

how odd that blind black bean
with a single golden fang

sed dat mihi gloria vires
all their works
are toys
for weird spooge-nauts
in a house bigger
than mind itself

and fang all

like jellyfish with
the neon rotor helmets

maharajava pervakalisa!

Mexicans are like Parthians,
but with less Farrah Fawcett...