Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Carom For Sad Cartel House

their fleece pulled to flange in a tree stall
high over golden salamander heads and broken
into star shaped breads to even the eel mortars

brackish lyre fetish bing crosby hologram
come mysteriously from old garage
on toes like floured lithops
in panty hose stuffed with
bill cosby heads


gear ratio unknown and aztec village dwarf
dear skin stamps on letters of tall gilt salmonid
these cone ladders of antlers reaching up to
harems of interwinking yaroow and quardeela

patio door like spider head
with rotating monocles
on bisecting axles

5 nude girls in a hogshead with the letter R
and a hovering luminous hand of water
get thee behind me hetman of dread lox
your armadillo boots sit muddy in the shower

go out glassy not classy
cellophane flag bar we courted
Bernie Madoff replacing the California bear
to a laundress of watercress in a medieval village

cropping pictures of picturesque crops
hard purple indian corn Orville and Wilbur
Rickenbacher red and bare
like Republican Krishna Romulan rebuses

white hair helmet

my cat is now blind
and the blind lore of flying saucers
does not comfort
Red Baron Orville Rikkenbacher
whose propeller of elephant trunks

makes a sound like wet socks
slapping on an ass-like rock
Dhobi Gillis wide-mouthed
piano bull

dried spice from a hose
to decorate the poop deck
with a crass and alien fungus
smelling your loft born fingerlings
through shamrock shaped bubble net masks

sad she goes silent into darkness
and I do not know why she goes
in blindness she seeks the blind