Monday, June 13, 2011

Silly Boring Idols.

tiger eggs:

Henri Rousseau
patting the bird's head
from a comfort
beyond the trowel.

Foot cream, anyone?
For those dry, peeling Patchens?

Kafka already had syntaxis in mind
when he gave the parable of the roach,
but this does not mean we look any different,
or feel any different. Most of Kafka is about the
role played by aconceptuality in a world devised
by words.

Aconceptuality also plays a major role
in Carlos Castaneda's philosophy in the character
of the nagual. The tonal is the space opened up to us
with words. The nagual is the actual world.

This is the world of the magician, not the priest,
and not the politician, not the feminist, the man, and not the nazi,
not the friend, or foe, or any designation known.

Syntaxis misinforms us about the boundless disorder
of words. That each act runs on to infinity.
That in the great shell game, it is the luminous orb
itself which always wins, time knowing no poison.

Look in the mirror.
Here is the altar of the great ray.