Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Cannot Seek You In More Batter Than Baal

tiki tiki yum yum
tiki tiki yum yum

firehydrant buoys
firehydrant buoys

fonzie action figure gorilla food
you can smell the hot dog launchers
from high in the Hudson River Valley

fall colored hotdogs
deep green hot dogs
wild tickler fantasy hotdogs
moving the speed of sound
just above the water's surface
toward the birthday cake of Narvalone
Charles Nelson Reilly as a military minded bugaboo

A Martian robot raises the lace panty flag
at a lifeless menhir
left by whatever means necessary
for telescopic psyllocyberds

leg of a dark nerd
hooked up to a cell phone
making ones and zeroes
l or L

His head opened up like an alien egg pod
pop goes the spider weasel!
laying out high-speed anal string cheese is a signal
especially to a milk cow in a moomoo

look over here, it's the karmic version of wheel of fortune
pat trungpa sajak dresses like a yeti
call him hairy tomato hotrod
we can read the wheel

we can't feel the sanskrit branding iron
we're too damn high on sky blue cockroach on ice cream jogging track

toothpaste to block the nostrils
eyeballs to plug the canon

silver mucous in a spray can
gets me wedded every time
to elongated koala pinata
making banana knife noises

his helicopter is really a hooka
for koala, lace apnea, desert
or recordings made on foil

the birth canal is dark green
and out come the naked platypus zeppelins
with plucked chicken chassis

those flippers
are for real

Many zenith to borrow or bother
in the great deep beard of prehensile
pinata noses