Saturday, June 25, 2011

Heavy Deep Brocade of Dreaming (Poodle Bull's Solemn Ole')

poodle bull
poodle bull

in high heeled china shop shoes
hollow spiral stair case heels

water in my camera
if a policeman takes down your name
eternal beach of dreams

words like seashells our heads are snared in

President Seashell of the Plenarshians.

Poodle bull
I have nicoise salad and watch the matador paint your hooves.
I watch you lick his bottom.

I watch the strange golden children with hammers
attend the gargantuan foetus
whose sky blue blood feeds a fountain
which looks like a cloud

sky blue steaks
on a bbq of neon louvres

sky blue poodle bull
your saddle of swarming butterflies
houses no buttocks
but is more like
a Matador's jacket
a pelisse of palissy ware
a bunchkin of medusa grape lanterns