Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Driving Crash-Test Dummies Back to Miss Daisy's Rodeo Ship.

whole grouper fish suspended in a wall of pale blue butter
and only the thinnest pearlescent descant of said oleo
between the scales and the refrigerated air
of 'room possible' in its flighty role as
'the rovery proposed by any form'

a bifurcated wire
enters a horizontal conduit
which pierces both eye sockets of any of the grouper
and supports a hanging lantern whose bulb
is a stylized dangling banana
like a skull with the face-plate removed
and the universal stamen (daimon)
allowed to tip out like a cyclopic horn
not yet assuming the vertical terminus
of its rotational ascent

the irronic


hirn, or hearin'
as if the rememory of names had produced
a thin circus of written defeats (ahem) like

"The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind"

which I originally took down from the shelf of a professional
architectural "renderer"

in the open company
of a large Abstract Expressionist work whose name I do not remember
but whose face I can never forget

forest green effluvium ala Humbaba
enlightened by luminous floating cubes

In the forest
Neanderthals crouch stitching skins around a fire
when perfect cubes of white light descend

and the angels of programmable mercury debarque

"The Brain sits like a grouper in a luminous cube of pale blue butter.."

"Hoseanna Oleo in the Highest"

The good old boys ride out, thin grey aliens plastered to their temples
like bags of crete,




Dark Onyx Keys
slide into the basil orders
of solemn tough.

Oregano pollen
as camera chassis.

concrete abstraction
of illuminated copula.