Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day Job Orchestra Refrains

said hand to cuff congee
and neck to collar congelare
O Frisket of gingerbread bathroom
O Frisket
O Frisket
pink honey-combed handcuffs kiss your slippers
kiss your slippers more gently than apple juice couplets
and when surfing, or fisting apple juice cutlets
become aware of Congemination
or Epizeuxis..
Todd: Zoinxis?

Coinage coexists.
Breek friable pantaloon liner's heavy licorice battle phase disoder.
I broke a fish into gleaming green toenail head-shield antenna.
How many times could I do that before you count to thirty?
One long finger reaches the moon in a baroque banana with Bowser of Shahnahnah.
Iraq. Iran.
Play Pool.

Give daughters riding ivory naked on camera.
That's what I like. Thanks you you, squirrels need no livers
to hold massive coinage.

Let's sleep in brisket coves with red booby pirates and mystery jambox brands of the 80's.
Camp out with leaky congelations.

You could see River Phoenix on Rodeo Drive like Stalin in Moscow,
Only his sky blue penis had a peacock tail of corncob pipes peeping in on
Alice Cooper the Goon.

That's fried haddock in a hillbunny's coterie squash. It's stuffed in there.
Mind my panty waste gumbo?
Should even frills come to disoder without its several bleeking missin's.

I bin missin.

We obtained its solid by congelation.
Heavy lice get folded into the batter.
I have shoes made from parts of the dead reef cutters.
You can save pants in a jar,
with butter from old cans.

I've started to stir the pot,
and now an opossum is milking gravy nipples outward to space.
Letter are hamstrung vehicles for whatever, yahhk.

Let them think about it in their navel car, while carrion softens to jello.
I can sing opera through a woody horn any day.

Heave a dark nipple frisbee into his Whitehouse Replica
floating down the Mississippi. Tom Thumb Sawyer Meets With Rat Fink
for a blowhole fucking all toward Mecca with Electronics.

Give it rayon!
My teeth have rayon pantyhose.
It's a prophylactic angel, thin sugary lips
take on the nearly non-existent penis.
That's how Las Vegas looks when you're dead.
A cuttle fish variety show. Let's get into bed with cream corn and seals.

I have a big green toe instead of a cock,
and you have one instead of a head
and nipples. We're Mexico for every average
congelation of goats, frogs and uncanny freedom fighter.

Put your skin back on, little Tony.
Said B. Googe to Isobelle Gowdy:

Hare's Bach Husband loooooks upon Bruel's praxis, urrfgul,
We cheat at cheese checkers with Radar on MASH.

Hot Lips
bang my suture.

Did you sleep in chocolate and Tomatoes?
I like a movie where they mix blood powders into applejuice.

Whorf's Hypothesis shows
That Snow White Played by Darwin
gets banged by many clones of Witch-Dwarf

while hare slowly roasts.
You need iron tits to climb the matterhorn.
Big Deal.

Cotton Shirts end up loosely gathering horses.