Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lest Cloud Vulter, and Test Fenaim..

odd rabbit tit odd rat tit
briar come thingily through hide's heaven
and nose white dolly to odeum
the green string bobbin
bacon cape peanut pearl to market
the court gymnasium mineral
hold tight its thigh veranda hopping
with clenched Odissi mung to a charge
impregnated with odic force
perchance hodograph how do they
enter the problem space and where
for whence do they exit hodymoke by
gavel ears dredged to hog-frame
Count Porcinelmo's Friar by golly
Broom hickory made nama to rula


The Gumbino foamily mummified in spacesuits,
or was it Bunium flexuosum?

Rabbit Test.
Rat Test.

Empty concept
and blind impression:

Oh! The mind, mind has fountains..

Bachelard and Ricoeur meet one night at
Le Saint Cloud, at the Bar PMU...