Thursday, June 23, 2011


Cragmont touloure, its touloure
touloure on, tellurion, Tel Uriah
down in Ukiah, that Jim Jones
loved a negress in Austin-Tea-Ex.

I have an umbrella.

Cragmont Touloure, it velour
amoour is suppenly Hungarian.

Hungarian names.
Hungarian hairstyles.
Hungary for Macaroni,
news of the position most
widely held, George Quasha
stacks rocks in a white box.
Here's Nero in all his glory:

I love you Beetle Bailey.
I love you Hierarchical Clustering Disorder.
Eating Des Worder.
Lanny Quarles' Notes on "Farce"
with generous supplementarianism
by Non Esse Caelo Demissos, or
Jove in a Donkey's foot or
in the Ancient City by Fustel de Coulanges
and by that we reference the Plebeians
rejecting the aristocratic religion, the Plebeians
thus becoming an Aristocracy of Lowness.

It is only to the
of memiacity that we bear tribute

OUR ROUX-LEGION being subject more to
RUSE than RULING and much to

drool and mewling.

I've seen a wombat
like a stomach with fangs and wings
launching "rude thangs"
at nobody.

Usually we "hole up"
far from the madding crowd
and Hobbes' 'violent men'..

We know that history is silly string
but don't want to be killed for preaching it,
though we preach it here.

Le Bob

Le Sub Genie