Friday, June 3, 2011

Max Lederhussy

what will thee, juggernaut?
broom-closet shaped for elephant babyhead
sponges inside the trunk
a graywater missile hovering
look into becoming Kannon
old Ironsides
Beachball in a wheelchair
wearing cartoon vulture pj's
toy tumbleweeds dipped in whisky
wah wah yoni pedal tubby toes
trinkets to come alive with
jappy pandora tickle beard
oh my cross and cavalier shaped sandwich cutters
you make every american state to have no crust
and turkey
every inch covered but the sack
steel thumbnails attack
under tent of heavy purple velvet
sad woman look down
sad man clutch ribs
sad child make hand signals
and a huge dog runs along the beach
a wooden doll house strapped to its
back like a saddle (snail off, Kooey!)
then the giant lenses come rolling
big sheet glass
couch for opulent view
my coast guard
my nude
seeming infraction
he puts a big realistic heart of silly putty
on the wall
we all get a turn at transferring a comic strip
from the newspaper

can be cigarette lighters
a jawbone
could be Goya's candle hat
every year she wears the same
icing cone brassiere

hollow weened from follow