Monday, June 6, 2011

Dry Brittle Bones Laid on Warm Silk Pillow (Hovering Earthworm Ecstasies)

I am the beef, I am
the Helena Toy~
Rugga Rugga Rugae.

When barley saucers
smooch my luminous green fuzz foam
I give out frisbee
like Papa John Creach

"The Janitor Drives a Cadillac"

and it's made of lavender scented beef-phones,
hand-carved pink coral feet
with big, push-button toenails
and a flip-top heel compartment
full of Babor salve.

James Broughton wears a cowboy hat
whose hatband is a silver Egyptian buzzard
inlaid with turquoise and weirdo
hunks of albino jet (come from YYY Minoan Chess Set)

"Pawns of Snake Rapture"

If Queen Nefertiti had known about it,
she would have made a move
(through halls of urine yellow pillows)
for that Babor salve.

In a pillow the size and shape of a royal barque,
dry skin get relieved

Silk Pharaoh
sucks supple polenta.