Friday, June 24, 2011

That Band In the Swamp [Gold-dust Mascara]

the golden frog ascends
in bliss
into the white hot sun
of love

dot com

the golden frog ascends
as a feathered mummy hand
to become a leaf in the solar tree

singing snails
go down on me
singing snails
go down on me

Saint Bernard Rum in the Snow
Lavender Nipple Priest
White Yeti Centipede Beast
watching it grow

the singers
have beards of golden frogs
between their legs

Go down on me
white hot Saint Bernard Snail Beast Singing

bliss is an ivory spiral
bigger than the sun
watch the rum pour from my britches
there's a frog-snail on my tongue

hangman's erection
inside the womb
of the golden frog sun
Go down on me
Saint Bernard
of the little statues

Bliss carries a disease of joy
everywhere it goes
and on wide barques of glass
we know that
soft golden frogs shall be our lounges
and sheets of iron constantly flying overhead
shall soak up
the devious rays

how buck-toothed the universe?
how saw-toothed the wave?

little white barrel of rum
labeled bliss or sun
or hangman or sleep

we slosh out in sky blue body suits
through golden mud to greet

Uriah Heap.

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