Friday, June 3, 2011

Enamel Root Console

dab 'fuff-truck'
grain belly bottom feeder
purple feeler rondevue
transvirsethic or venus
sporting a vacuum tube
skull womb
pony carousel inside

wooden ships
starting to explode
then frozen
to rotate the ripping head
its facile contents overgowned
fuzzsmutch natter many

let's snail up the skull with phnyrids
dab in some coral grain belly gehemoth

transvirsethic as in the holy zaum
rebate capsule
used car

festooning shamans after the freeze ray
with blue cranberries or cities of external glands
'we all run together' in his hands
he's got the whole world
in his diamond flipper array

his flippers
were once nipples
and his faceplate
is a toenail of high gloss
I CHing

the future is itching.

each kernal on the underbelly
releases a private feeler
horse glands make a soft padded helmet
a fuffy ink nib persona

'get personal'

get snail
like dirty meat shoe.

slip your cold feet
into the dirty meat shoe.

now see starfishes
used as light pumps

lavender sporm pules up in the cuticle

fingers are cute

tribes where
something bends
and something trims

"lapdog grunts to chin organ"