Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Truculent Dairy Moth

black mushroom scarecrow
ideogram of broken bottles
hover and reassemble
into misery-chord-confusion
history of fiat motorcars
a german soldier discovers
a ringworm in a singing round

too fast
phizz fissile

I bring the mass
out from the cave
and I deposit its
mass in a mass grave
but is a lump
ever a graven image?


ptah the lump,
and the lumpen mass remain,
beyond transfiguration
into ecstatic form
into symphophantinic musculatour

rumply hat
dave with a biscuit in a car
and this totally bizarre form of ruminations

as cow stomach
and stomach as heart
to pump the blood
lots of clothes on tv
and everybody knows

mandarin robots gingerly snip
the ribbons of fair faite fouly
you sir
are in a conspiracy

a teeming packed with teeming
a doubled teaming

mulish ginger
your faun root delving
to deep gemstone blood
your high peak hat of geode
to release the sparkling meat foam

gorgon snake spray nozzles
you plug the head in a pipe and stroke it in

cleaning out the sizing
so we can begin
to fabricate
more fiberglass

and glands of fibbing