Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rodney Calligan

audient inter ovoid shedding facies
tea autre' the outre
films of war shown on white horses fucking

a pink gourd
a yellow gourd
a pale green gourd carved of jade
housing a parrot foetus
in a yolk of banana pudding

cooked to a thumb
licensed to an ogre
whose body like an orgy
receives many delicious visitors
headless horsemen
their mounts
toward a war of fucking

which race rises ascendant through fucking?


Volvo indepedent machinery Apple Computer talk vagina wedding

Oranges fill a boudoir
for staircases

Staircases sex the longing to look

the curve of any magicion
con card dracula
narrative function

what function a ball to plop out
roll around
plop back in?

These vicissitudes cannot be quantum
where Ugolino saws through the enormous fly's leg
to take sup of its hearth wine

mint electricity beater
cock in a roman haircut
Laurel Bacall's my mane fried

Ceramic bull bed
lift up the rib section to see the red satin interior
naked voluptuous odalisque inside
female minotaur
sucking a bloodcicle
or is that a cicada microphone

brain cast in blood
seen beneath a giant green glass thumbnail
there's just this big green leather thumb
inside a pale blue room
with a brain of blood
under a green glass thumbnail
the size of a car hood