Sunday, June 19, 2011

the cat has its own red,
and modernist chair, and in the
intervening kosmon, parents fed,
their pet dog. the imaginary
or foetal feudal casings,
whole shrimp cast up
by the ogre
like blue thumbs of flint
both mania and whatever dugs
they pill the minds with
walls their young make a grotto with
and south Lamar

in the 1920's he'd ride his own horse
down to Barton Springs to swim,
and we, the inheritors
of a vast hot wind

we moved swiftly through that plain
joints and jetties and damnit
mother script congress

they stand up and ride surf boards in the river
like gondolas
long pole water walking stick
and the heat is unbearable
lost neanderthal radio
dorsal umbilical train
at work in the bodies of a simple monarchy of flies
and sandwiches

the slime

at the feet of its seven stars
white flashes if long degraded
staunch heron
the paragraph knuckles
of green scrub land
the grey and orphan file

file no name in java
for a blacksmith
we look and marvel
slow and touching
the chemistry
its head flavor standard

there the doubled snake skin hangs
among the charged yolk
of cast-off junk and furnitures

fury over gone in glow
cold waters we sneak in
eyes slitted between the rampant
hanging bodies

we dip
and roast
and admire the lucre
of the hushing oak

swag knob of a land
for cheery
its dash on