Thursday, June 16, 2011

Consul Veneto Sealing Up His Fondego

Trace amounts of care
infinite yards
and gardens

safety industrial wearable
too fond to care
on classical dentistry's
dianetic sin cyrene

abashed all molarity
corrupt to crash its party
thomas hardy
garment only meant
sign ceremonial

final nectarine
final curse:

Centurion, how for did you
ever fail to follow
this gelded coenosarc?

How forever did you glean
the humming of its universal
nectopod, nectar, to chastise
the ribald and the meek, how
absurd was that Anabupkissed Aurifaber,
who understanding this text


stirreth up the people
to carry themselves childishly,
as buprestidan fulmaria..