Monday, May 2, 2011

The Death of Terence

The great swell had the look of a bearded laughing head
whose mouth now suddenly white and in an uproar washed over him
and took him down and into blackness for a time

But there in the deeps he awoke and saw for the first time other
and more strange heads and one took his head in its mouth
and bit it off then disgorged it and sucked it up in an eye-socket
and he could breathe and his whole head became an eye in that thing's
head down under the sea

And nobody would speak of the Phormio the Imazighen had become
fearing that they too might have their head to become an eyeball in the
socket of another larger seeming head and they were cheerless with dread
when eyes turn drunk with dim peace and crowned radiance blushing pink
as a seraph's toe

as pink as fragrant rosy brains
like a pink bald head made of wax, an eyeball
in which a black candle feedles and chews