Monday, May 2, 2011

Let Fame Be Your Pomegranate Toward Coyon. Light Blue in Gammer Gurton.

and the stillness in the midst of the fall
might be called a univsersal and spherical joint
and where the mass moves out beyond this joint
asymmetry or direction non-maintains
invisible tethers remain
the empty quiet room
seeks a green leather mandible
whose sockets say retracting candelabra
brass mining gewandhaus
mining gewandhaus pestle
double you

S.S. Wildgoat
as made by Mr S.
Mr of Art, and
lude lem (lewd limb)
747 or enlarged
external cochlea
a hirny cock leer


social mime disorder beacon
the thrusting coulée von needle
its rememberer backwords
to self hey held helpings
rutley stud rocks
kelly jawed

let us lay down in Lisbon
like parm cattle intagliontic finlay
the surrey hurries with its baselisque companions
they mine out the deep snake runnelards
pause stamp stone with hot hard cheeks of white hot
the punters place on

the Rouge,
the Noir,
the Couleur, or
the Inverse,

the sum they wish to risk:

I wolden I haddle thy coillions

Great metal Orchis
The cobra fan for ray outflowing
or antennae

Out on ye, cullions and bezonians!

A spherical buttery
is no sprace for the lycarrioughts
of Jee..