Monday, May 6, 2013

A Liver With Gills, A Kidney Covering their Collective Trump. Iron Mega Can.

umbrella canopy
of topiary means either
calligraphy or architectural scenes, the
film's lapidary gem plates are connected
by helix-sing-skeins

renal toadstool boxes spring up from never-never read
their bored palpable mutatio
their lemon parade of tidal flotsies

who let cigar-giraffe-head sphinx the final chicken fuck
cherry Anatole
cherry France
cherry headless in advance
of Jane's quarterly helicopter for bibles

O topiary.
In Agency we rust.
Our Culture in Brain Oxydation bath.
One final experience.

taste every little curlicue
Gargoyles hung with candy lashes.

Be nous. Be as it is.
Bliss debating bliss
in an avalanche
of blanched pants
run over by a rutabega
named Rabelais by Day,
and Dirty Harry by Nightfall.
Little Debbie Bianca Wide Tip.

Don't let your cat get taken to jail.
some examples of wave-based polarities.

Pale blue kitten in Catawpa shade
watching birdbath lazily
eyes are eyes in spherical sphinxes.