Friday, May 3, 2013

My Role in the World of Poetry

The way I see it. I studied, 
maintained, and repaired 
complex instruments whose 
values exceeded 10 million dollars 

At this point in time, those 
same instruments usually run 3 
times that. I did that for around 
15 years. 

At any given time, I might 
have been responsible for up 
to 50+ of those machines. That's 
like 500 million dollars worth 
of equipment. 

People depended on me to 
maintain those systems, and 
with varying success, I did. 

No machines were destroyed or 
damaged, and production, 
arguably, was increased. 

I fulfill the same role in poetry.

is roughly worth, I'd say, 
about 100 million dollars. 

It's certainly not 500 million, 
but even if it is, I've been there, 
not my first rodeo. 

I'll write poetry, or whatever, 
and maintain that I do, 
and repair some things, 
whatever that means, 
and poetry will go on, its 
production, arguably, 

That's my role in the world of poetry.