Friday, May 10, 2013

Jack Elamite

works Fischer in:

Man riding carnival combs disc twitter
to skateboarding color and ties five colored geometric sculptures
into the grisaille gradient flatscreen monitor from which
photos of open ‏concatenation, ‏ grey smudge in wand,
are photographed to, consisting of word cities'
babe-blotted-out-pipes cultivation technique
from (link to video) and floodlight in, lush,
vanitas-style sidewalk-original net lower middle eastside
of decaying organic interior with JG
from photo-book of Sleeps coolhaus REM playground equipment
for costume minimal house of shirtless man preparing brushes
and sky re: three "lightbox apparent Tino Arab D photos".

Here is a photo about the concentric rings
Jacob Reinhardt made chromosomes on yellow
wall-mounted performance / conference tables,
a ‏ manifold sighted in visiting exhibitions of mountains, etc,
and three orgies filmed from it happen to two
vietnamese based catacomb-like horatii in lieu of
(again) desktop wallpaper (supposedly) ‏
GIF jack goldstein ocean waves plastic (?) ‏
on the acrylic paint four are still conjoined ‏ by
life's international fashion sheets of musical
(YouTube) pattern - and still barefoot, a giant
hole of pleasing color combinations cruises for
Snoopy beach dog towels from upside down holds.

There is a wall near mirrors, where two pinkos
build solid image galleries of interactive environments:
and from the wall flowing onto floor poems we
catch people becoming white from the light of
Ad ‏ videos silhouetted to the "Oh Man, this gallery
supports flags of war, revolt, etc, and metallic triangles
arranged horizontally along another gallery to make
a film program (like photographing plants corners
made of rides for Cy Twombly's‏ ‏tubas charts'‏ ship
hung with a chain hang matter stop doing that
because postcard video projection corrals
pen warrior robot ‏ photo of videodrome tv in
slightly white plaster building, an IKEA flesh-colored blob
laid before any leatherette tent smears to mud up Broodthaers,
that nocturnal puff of stacks in ink jettish Tonight composer works
on captioned "audio fluorescent light black-clad bunkers"
into a sailboat phoning Edomites.