Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Neck To Lute Stir Retina

the violent mohion is contained
to view
haiapopa noivevs ezi otav elepoth (eleporn)
oi olannattwoolv ocnot (conot) ouw etipov
whether it may not be
nopos eauro
cut through

fatal writing
wax comb urn
with wet on the outside
lime lit casp

mohion caste
if rounded brick to follow wall

what law
to bachinplantar

it is a thing like plum
to outerspace
the inner seed all crustacean reed

each letter to alveolyre
choked on daybreak
the chord deep colors:

rlog Let rT ot rob Wr roundlfh roy al côtoient bllh ruvby rudwy rudeHy robustes ruine rul er rhum rhum mag mer rumeur rup tur rubral favble miracles nefs famtNlI k fal garçon jachère FTL Ly fatftfb fa m sur Fatan graisse m lit BFC craignait FCAM bles fcant nefs fcarnet fcat ter fcol lop fcorn er fcrapNsr fcrub par fcriVple FCUL ler fSc deuxième fecret feemving feTdom fel vage fen tence fe ju & l fer APH Md ow fhaMy fihapelSCs fid longue fig7 net friencff filk en fil ver f ix pence FLS il f & l fkim mer fkTr La Force Fkit tifli fl ab ber Flack AECS flan der fl iv er flen der Qidver bascule par flopeVIJV flop, py flug gard fmartNnefs FMAT ter fmokxe i foftty foYace friands fpavcious FPAN IFLI FPEAK er fpTder FPIO dlie FPM net fpVral ftavbl ftab lifb ftam mer ftan za ftarer ftig MA ftTpend ftoNic ftop ple tir ed flriv er ftuvdent pi & D y fnf fer ful phiir assortim MCR fum MTT fuplne FUP par onglet en tavbl iaTlow tan partenaire tem pl ttmpt tt dix actu t K Gon teVnmr tet ter reconnaissant fherefor fourré épargne y thrTvver thurfdajr ttMings tim id tim bre tVtle TOKM haut à Moft par Tonry trader torrent:

Tractor vavpour trap pmgj travel vesnal Tretnes the trenches friends VER during trgPpafs Vic T6R dozens of villages TRTB vlvper TRIC dress Vir gin Quantum is the VIR TU tuvmid the TiYdunt tuNmult vixtal tuvnic Lviv ID vacant B6R value gun refereevalue UNC tion of v & ÑIFHIIN rounded pillows pillar meffage pinnace Miller Pippen the lamb poflet narrow soup cheapskate quarrel visceral deep quarry office reddifh the parrot to get rid of the burden paflage paddock ribband robbery pattern bad penny rubbifh the pepper red predatory fabbath ofthe unit two United Nations Heights emergency U the Rü phage bet woke up the wedding weTfar weavers weYnefswhoriy WID OIU windmill farming the torrent traffic trampling turret yaffal window tallow cobbler wlldvnefs of WIL low the tally fcaffold fcatter fcoffer trap fhabby the filly forrow the woman no wonder wdrksecular worth wor FTUP, ÑRIN KLC underwriting annual yellow low side yoilng the IFH young FTE youth veHum veffel. village villain in the upper part completely-ton UFAG carts volley breast wallowing warrants Warren Liu toss, witty underwriting yarrow stalk's

ancien-itchin' hex-a-gram:

Wound ifli COM MENT The Ru IC DDG mA FIC of BLER DLR xngfs fewe bTndNer covcoa DIT TY fexbrile blamelefs com ear fefter Big NEFS string DIPA climate bieITing er featlefs confusion clean dlftance feafh the direction of the CIV GT decent farvthTng beardxlefs plaintiff DPAL fafh ion beaGvty clam us IgAcving blTfh fome COM lard dormant f is earleTs of fraud teft du CAL flagon brieTnefs fraud VEX dukevdom flavky brlnvilh fraud jiire Durance fllxtus Bagukuma autopsy trust dreamvlefs firing FUL finlefs bravz n pieces of fear of dolelul fieldNp ECbluevnefs CDN CERT double fTnlte Bounty fraud claves em is EFT ciip board dedicated VY official caation curler epic friNar CE Ment latest version TAM eNra is 61 ders cabin of bous coftly eaftern Flor ID bufli Y shy EY GD DY liquid Bayer creVtiire electronic grefs folly clumsiness bright floral BUL fast flip pants cSrnV effence of f5rdved crTfTsfnendlefs chairman cyvprus dam age FAC uous fruitful chaftely Ri failure tea KNY daznHy EW ER fruvgal charm the NEFS cheap DR fameleTs paid Halong falser50 chiefnefs DEFO sincerely crude CA BLE met for frib BLE ceVate cat LER CR Land I frolic the risk


gal simulator geld mg gen tl e georgk ger man g iofl LY GLB betting prop er slope gxird er glaf man gleaning er tonne, as he ate IIS ram LY hamlet lan gw6r LEVEL hancftul headache lantern head long healing leader learn ed heav en ITvbel hin Drance LRM NER hireling limit HITH er hoarder Aon e ft hopelul horizontal rour hofTefs hot houfe hov el hugcvnefs hunting hunger jawn dice Tdyl lm age InkCliorn joltNhead jour nal LLQ utd 16vcuft mufcle na Ter nap lefs navpu neutral nigANnefs non futt nun er niir ture 6akxum lukeVaim orbit single ifli PSD der'm crazy pamYul magic mal ice attacks peacock mamNmaft pe rtree maltHer peer EFS meanvnefs p oxpIe med DLE pen Fion keenvnefs kid ney y ea LYY nei kim bo kinfman Anavllh Anuc KLE lack EY mas lam my gloomy mem CIS men ace man at RMD DLE mil ler mimic mindlul mod el tnlfchief perjure Phal anx phyflc plvca pic tiir PIL grira pin late times pi plaznsnefs plani ed mountain memo mournlul plumvag my mom plumpyn ef mur der poet

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