Wednesday, May 8, 2013

In this rendition, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are somewhat reversed.

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n-horizon. n-being. see you topple that.

Hassan I Sabbah cannot offer what I offer.
Sentences which taste as sweet as jellybeans.
Confused paradises, coiling empty phrases of redemption.
When weirdo takes lyre,
the oil string summons helium collander columns
and tinkle voice balloons surrunder
to absolute hallucination salafuegomeanderine.
Smaragdine Trojah.
Rap tar.

Nickle for your pickle?
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 The ultra-far-out thing 


Take camphor for your problem. It resists all determination.
pockets are best
dodo hung low
sweet chariots we centaur to the east
with laurels oft to antenna
imagine its moth helmet glad with candles
of vision smoke
the great gallery
swooning with yammering babies
to watch glass lilies grow from volcanic maquettes
dancing skeletons fleshed in chimes
and balconies
to hold the delegations
of foam-mouthed 
to the Abbess Abyssal

The audacity to dream of peace
in a violent universe,
the candor
to violently dream of peace.
This buddha of churning accidents.

How sanguine the walls
to the rough desires
of mystery.
The old actors prepare their masque.
The Silenus takes up snakes
into his armpipes.
The jaw to fit snugly
into the cleft
of the pumpkin-sized pearl
which passes javelins of blue fire
to the hyphenation
for wan pleasund daze


a whiggy whiggy 
and dew
Imagine the foreground
as a sort of all obscruing mirror translation
of the background
That is an easy way not to say anything
and yet be fully aware
of Corporate Alchemy Gambling.
Corporate in the narrowest sense
of Gamesmanshipoffooolsexcopulandtermshiney.

Broken Duration Tournament.