Sunday, May 19, 2013


all cous-cous the baggy forking branchlings 
for their headgear are jawbone tiaras hung 

with candied cochlea surrogate sex slaves 
for locusts odalisque of mango flesh your 

flame the only scry in this hollow black eye
ball prisom this cool lilt of naming FWAOR

GOOT painted iron buds weigh down the 
hero trapped in hero-hordes it strains breaks 

and spills its scuttling mango cochlea crabs 
flinging rubber jewels with transparent feat

herd feathered antenna claws trailing braids 
of miniature jeweled impeccary skeletomes 
May O Bey O Caliph O spectral mad E the

ray there is no Orient only GAS expand 
frosted bay snatch windom eeting mover 

glue pony dew whip column'd ellor the wide 
leaf bridge catch its quartz flake croie and 

croie foo daddy to the craw and lobster 
cooke din lambic fox fungus monkey the 

crow lao boon ho fox pudenda claw cochlea
your lobster crysalis phone hero fueled

tug smote when white deer head extend
tobacco cordial for lemonade piss sizzlew

the red iron skull now burn the hairless
hog snake its whale head wooden indian

cigar nickel fugu gum tree drop sodden
dull as ivory mustache helix when green

mantis jelly would pepper the pale
yellow hairs and the dolphinoid

monkey head pop out from the 
rectum broadcasting replicating

sections of luminous transparent
coral hye thee o song to elastic

blood worms their eyebrows
touch caste and touch lethlu

on Togo
play ping pong
your head trapped
in lincoln logs
glued to a trap helmet bass-line