Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Something is wrong with my eye.

Pir*".1',io's "fr
cr;si es ftu"i;ng in fl& harbor ,nrt/ ,


[luvr t c, des t

A h, y ruan 16r.r Can be hear d in f/o
d,sbrt,:e sandin3 l;Le a- asounCeC krfpofo/a^ts
or a tnaj^"d prelr;shrtcn-^ul c
ru c-a vner() spa krs __*_qa fl sA; {7s
^rd fr4: 4*__.Aan _ C"j";i,fS
\! nn-t45 o/,n, {AS= e up klesgogie

fl.Sed**-:r q lun/ra-pLaza, A onhd Lg
R-/a.s,Laa "gn-\,,^g: /"t---ne&t_ hcy? /2
@- 6ii;-y(g, =esu - {- Hi"^'*
&ykl;rg , Android h"l*ry_ */ -il" Proud
-rtlri,ie] F, inueslgaltoy. sg-u"l.Ds,
Appeac urder 4.* ice daeplng procedur*,
ouiL +1A ne,arbg I'ov
arrart3ed " /8 Dr&oacs ftne.d ap a/ 4t
5*/* /uu.e t p;/L d;{Ps.^70 eoloreC
/;quiJ< paurTrg u,-4 "f e-o"A aft€ o
A]oL"d ^ s/ree] - ,b'b;
-uic,r?-llt drenclatns *t*,i sr*lokd
bc{fe,s " B/ue BrLLry hppi", cheoc
=ri^p spl;{ - peoAo-ta ,Lo/lo,.e JAq/ Dra,ps
f/* d* ra6p75{ s$nel rirt3 ol -sp"r/4 .

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