Friday, May 24, 2013

Ekphrasis, Phrases, Etc.

the purple face is sunken
shrinking beneath the artificially enhanced forehead
which seems to flame with particolored hair
as if the eyebrows had become enraged
braiding themselves into sentences
or leaves or chords of plasma
underlining the word
approached as a stele
hovering in the air
a clue to the activity
of looking at a painting.

the whole head might be herpetoid
but only as a sort of faux anamorphic version
of an orchid, and orchid imagined
as a blue flaming spirit slightly muppified
itself emanating from an unreadable word
seemingly close to biofilm
or 6iolith, there is also the fact
that there exists a spidery black circuit
which can only be seen after the previous modulations
have occured, and died.

A thing snakes uncontrollably in the background,
something like an insane giraffe's tongue. It seems to enter or exit
from a hole in the neck.
I start to suspect that a Neanderthal is being attacked
by a space fungus.

For a fact I know that the earth has been upended,
and like that old carnival saying, "The World Turned Upside Down",
the image represents 'The World Turned Counter Clockwise'.

Here and there seem to be Gujarati words, પુરાણ or maybe 
તેથી તેમને અત્યંત, or are they are coybim turning to ya'elofurthot.
A cubic extrusion which is also a series of cuboid letters
seemingly has a cockring of feathers.
It appears to be Indonesian.
All of the former description just became a moth
with a humanoid ram's head.
Its eyebrows are delicate clover.
Its nose is a deep maroon color,
and its tongue resembles
a transparent lavender flint,
an arrowhead
blocked by the letter n
of the word IN

If I rotate the image countercockwise, I find a deep sea diver
over a violent vent of particolored squirming tongues,
his facemask ringed in light, a lucid beautiful idea, one which could
be transferred to a performance.
Ritual Scuba around the volcano
of spring-loaded fuscia leopard wyrms.
There also needs to be a jack hammer
and a giant gong interacting, to
make the color more vital,
and less "litarary".
Literary color is always something less than scuba,
but literary scuba (see fetish list) is always something more than
painting (see performance).

I have to imagine that Cocteau might have approved
of Orpheus stepping out of a column of purple, maroon, and emerald green flames,
a column which also jettisons parrotoid pupa trailing tinkling, tingling crystals,
which must in fact be letters, and those letters make this poem:

The mountain throughout the field 
find the deer in the left bridge 
It Was not slain 
a friendly ear was not the same
 as those in which the same day when premature 
Celebrated repeating with degrees 
O disc nomane 
pregnant Of people Or the politics of destruction
synonymous with familiar research 
woman fed monkeys the marica term 
Stay in the country
 enormous monsters
 are coming and going in the blessing 
of going to the lake
pampa lying
 in her mother's wedding figure out many demon monkeys were in it 
they were on their way to degrees were monsters 
Left A hermit in the nose of the stone 
deer in best beats 
Y monsters

Now I see the Trojan horse is on fire
with purple orchids
which collectively viewed spell
or gueboo
I think to myself
It is then that see the scarabs
holding the horse's mane,
and the scarabs are connected
to a single tendril
which is a tongue
which is emitting
from the rectum of the horse
'Ana L'Mukterm'.
A man's head appears floating,
no it is a mask
worn by the mane
to face the flaming flower rider
that mask is of an old man
with a fake eyeball in his mouth.
a stone eyeball puzzle.
He has no limbs.
Il n'a pas de membres

Each paintbrush could be a tongue, or a member
removed from a club.
Why have you forsaken me?
For Sake'?
If Bran, then Siva->

Is Arc'ing ghoul?
Is Ogham stellar transfixed?
back to painting...

The image could depict a violent inscription, or 
The chin of the old man mask violently separates
the flaming floral trojan horse thorax
from its legs which are still strangely
an extrusion of cubic letters, perhaps even 
"a word". 

It now appears I was mistaken, the horse's head is also herpetoid, but
the horse is now a trojan centaur, and the diver
is really a 'driver' or pilot
but also a black gem in a tiara.
The diver-driver cannot read the word 
because it grows out from his own chest.
also the giant mothwings
of the trojan horse snake head's ears
must be deafening,
that is definite.

After another rotation, I see King Ubu crossed with Thumper from Bambi,
but it is on fire, and the fire is purple orchids
spewing crystalline black ink noise letter rays
some of them are abstract teeth
trailing torn nerves
or sentences I think.
"I think"
(but not narrowly enough)
"for society"

There is also this notion that the eyes nose and ears of a head could be sitting on a throne
consisting of a jaw which is peeling out in purple jelly.
That head-part might also be wearing a tornadic lavender pupa crown.
It says that here:
"tornadic lavender pupa crown"

I also see a delinquent TIKI head
and inside its mouth is a delinquent
swirling tornadically

It could be cute.
What if an orchid incorporated
a thumb?

What if you trained someone
to read vertically?

What is the largest spherical flower arrangement
ever created?
Is it depressed like me?

Perhaps a princess is trapped sleeping inside a giant purple claw.
What if the trojan horse were simply a tomb
for very beautiful dead people.

Purple beaver.

This painting is like a puncta
without an eye.
What is a puncta good for when it no longer attracts, or never did
in the first place?

Perhaps there are no punctas, but only a single
system, or religion.
Like death, only one thing matters,
but no one can decide what it isn't.

The painting is trapped on a terrible table.
The pigeon cries crabapple.

A final resolution between the modernist grid,
and the witches' cauldron signals the end of painting and poetry,
and the beginning of mind without owner.

My painting has fallen and cannot get enough.

I saw an entrance into the painting, but I could not reach it.
Only promises remained.

A sky blue toga shall be your home.

A human head inside a purple rhino head
looking out, and looking scared.

a sweeping hand gesture
including metaphysics
was meant to release the blossoms
from their stalkers.

Language could grow feathers, or flowers, but will human skin
ever spontaneously display letters?

Shoot them the middle finger.


The green flaming egg emits
a black laser beam.

The indecipherable demon
has different colored "egg-horns".

Maybe the whole painting is a glyph?

When a glyph burns
does it first shoot out purple tongues
to the orchid golems which tend it?

When I tend catastrophe, am I a tongue, or a symbol?

Awww, now I see it says
but what about the purple cone heads
with jawbone legs?

purple lace!

A sword fight between purple flame golems
in a field of orchids shooting black lightning!

The subtext of the world is about its actual necessity.
The world is a charity.
See that you treat it that way.
It doesn't really know any better.

Exploiting painting isn't same as exploiting a man.
Men are all women in the flower department.

I can't remember the last time I visited the meaning.
It was in a sort of velvet colored bilding like a hat,
but they were playing cards using their tongues.
It was all burnt and perfumed.

Now you see how out of control it is.
The forehead or P has a giant whip-like appendage.
It uses that to PAINT!
like pi is a painting of if.