Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Marasmush of Liver, A Conch of Belly Rely To Eyes Sore With Jelly Owls.

Urang lobster iku 
mati lan tutuk nalika 
dheweké ngandika ngandika ing 
Turu kita nulis 
ing caboose 
cinta cedhak 

Ireng bugger nang, menang
wined mangan nganti daging sapi bali
Ayo padha tiba ing ngendi padha
Mei, daging sapi kaya rambute
saka Baroness condemns fallow
Aku ngempet asalé minangka
sabab constipation nyoba pass
gerakan sing bagean paling njero

The Baroness adores sallow limpets. I rang the little
bugger, but hid under his bali rambute.

Tabako no yubi de Fuku o kite, 
kono yoru no machi o rōmingu 
Kono kēsude wa, watashi wa erudiaburo 
o hakken Doko demo miageru Doyōbi 
karasu Genshukuna, ki kara anata no 
yubi no sentan ni koshikake Kaigi, 
kankaku no ryōiki Anata ga shitte 
iru basho, sorehadesu

Here is Basho, sore in the Ashkhabad haberdashers.

Untuk memanggil sengit dan pintar Perhatian anda pertukaran mesra
Shirttails hangdog like sandy gills in the heat the donkey some deflated puppet,
a deformed boot draped over a rock shaped like a head making the donkey
a kind of leathern jellyfish wig, that president of the tumbleweeds
now had a great understanding of recourse and shelter
but the top hat somehow
had become mystical
the oil in the mud which slathered it
contained the dust of Shihivarian opals

I am so glad we camped here:

pai musim panas
diiklankan kerana semua
ia bertujuan untuk
menjadi Mereka tidak
ia tidak boleh mempunyai

I am so glad we camped here:

Private wilderness the step comes back 
End of starting fan 
the necessary sub-ni But 
thou ru occasions Who Private ta 
the which See cliff ru 
cliff slightly Transportation starting its Private notes 
and constraints 
The ta da Continuous cliff ru Won 
ー Kyn bag The ru wood held which Seest thou Full shoulder shelter 

shown su Seest thou ta Full laugh 
Kei sound January Uf which the private expands 
step portion.
Chess played only on 8 concrete strips on the lawn.
Pills which hover about the Bishop's head, or Chivagni.

This wall cabinet holds a fold out glabrous chalice pong able tou able silver peligree.
Cameo song lens vacuum tortoise lynx aroma vase
thien mandible legs inscribe cru
curse cure you mandible delictation pongue able
you feng clear dice stew
all slow camphor wax nostril avail
thin pearl like gadget
descend to socket
think java pinfeather crucible layer

amniotic flutist
some book
some javanese wrangler

Here I kiss the waste.
Peru for Alchemy banner #37.
Let these forcefuel Erds
sord your abletz lichtent olbuentut:
dimongso kanggo Magi 
ing gawe pracaya sing 
njupuk renaning penggalihipun 
dhumateng sowing kita kaya 
arable tanah 
ing manggon 

Give me all your money,
Bonda sing kagungane
kanggo ora-siji.

I'm drowning in money, goats, air planes, In this region, time. Glen of me Every girl beautiful Outside at night During the day, the drawings commence, to pull out the alien bliss, the pas pas, orpus orpheus. Sing dolphin. Sing of uniting their girlskin with snake time.

Perhaps you may mimic kommerce a little longer.
B-Life Bunggadin.
Coral overcoat
it's squimrod ringlettingands.
See the great drathoon.
We are game piece in under-wares.

Sequinned Pont-Sipipple.
The triple Muse, their cartoon trick vision of thought
is an absense allowing landscape.
How happy are the muses
whose inner being
is as a clashing of fragrant branches.

First, one of the musicians had elephant hands, then a beautiful diva sang aboard a doomed ship, then Lord Cripin went out into the gambling hall's diving bell.
now we know how sadness invests in blue cheese.
Saturn said to Jupiter:
Rare oxydation clammer reveals gorgeous plumes,
vibrant heralds above the balcony bubble-corner.
Who says our house can't be an electric die
at the bootend of the See.

Robert Graves was looking for a candle in the cupboard then,
but saw the cant of delphic sails,
the omen of the navel sun
nous leavened in wildly beautufuelled 
That T
is for THOR
the runnegaida.

Let's try to attract their thin bodies into our hole,
then feed them tales of our solemn and gravid tellurionics.
Hopefully, we won't have to bring out the prunemasks and do the civet dance
in our sponge soled Dutch log Conches.

I am ancient Greek Philosophy.
Feed me Mochi.
I need it special.

Language always feels like "The Beautiful Old Reprogramming my Backbone While Isleep."
End quote. But here is what she is thinkging:

teken marang
sirahe metu
Lan tutuk unwitting
nyokot ing setengah;
sanadyan siji mangerténi
apa mengkono sabanjure.

It was a hard shitty life as a word. A brain forced us into sentences over and over again.
Now we just feed on pumpkins like vampires, and ooze filth into the world like pomegranati
bubo. Do you like sore owls for eyes?
Do you like dirty old priests dressed up like the word?
The world is always already
a dirty old priest:

Cerebrum intinxit in atramentum
super notat, & e contra
nomen tuum.
Cum digitis cigarette
hi errant tenebris plateis indutus
in casu obviam El Diablo

thou, I, not, that, we, to give, who, this, what, man/male, ye, old, mother, to hear, hand, fire, to pull, black, to flow, bark, ashes, to spit, worm