Thursday, May 2, 2013

Implausible Galley (NFARCT1)

It is not that this soft black obsidian egg eye
is blocking the view, focussing, nor that its reflective surface
reveals a vissage videlicet an age viz vide lycée nor
that the noir sanctomen of its breath should
habit the idol more merit than its meretricious balance
upon the gravidy of daze, their Hapitnagaatosis

Are you aware
Ereu interpuncta awlvir/and
Help this Naga Gnosis!
Help it! Help it!
Repeapter cavit Tironian note
bach and shallops
from the Zouche

say then that the milk white bullskin page
has two black snake horns
living for the eyes
viventes enim oculi
to cast off from the mark
before vir/and
via over Bahrein
to Poseidon
Nikemothed urnless
same a swell to
Zouche mockuli ah synim.

and vivid vents of venom round th'
haptic · negen · atropos
serpent virpont
tropic sea port (unk tea ah)
entwined throughout
the system
gradient and reduction
auructient I've
only ever had one wrinkle
and I'm sitting on it
they saw a serpent
rode by flowering
hairy ship
and bulk of its visionary
the snake hose
the coin stack
the lens barrel

leaf favors fork in laurel luring leer
the real near ruled by crafted feelings
but roilings rove enfarct
apt ars

to Jack
Nickel's son
enforcing proscenium's
the growth habits of decay

O pop poppycon
cat in nation
the diademe
of the morning rattles
tug up your histories
with a trinket browser

mayan mirror drives
raid level zero
the hands to simulate
singers dodders

blind green scandent
Ylang Ylang
an art-a-bot triste
with hexapetalus
now mimicked to
It takes rather
more than that to make
a habitable space.

upper image by Matt Borruso
lower image is the google street view of Tosis Restaurant on Sandy Blvd. Portland, OR.