Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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Viveca Lindfors is also great in Puzzle of a Downfall Child.. I hope the first AI is named Viveka... Expand Reply Delete Favorite More Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles 8m I love to love the scene tho in These Are The Damned when King attacks Freya's statue with a hammer. Her scream is better than her art.. Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles 11m I love having no actual emotion about art, or literature. My guru taught me about the vicissitudes of 'junk' and other names for substance. Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles 14m @kg_ubu @RichardPrince4 @_waterman resistance is just a variation of frictionlessness View conversation Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles 15m @kg_ubu @RichardPrince4 @_waterman for someone so invested in alternative determinations, you certainly are fond of defensive readings.. View conversation Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles 16m @kg_ubu @RichardPrince4 @_waterman there is a certain bitchiness in casting off from perc. shores. perhaps the times was simply echoing that View conversation Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles 25m @AvitalRonell1 booting, budding, bodying View conversation Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles 33m @AvitalRonell1 in sleep like fish we nibble at unfinished dream sentences, in waking, we are bound to the bilding of structuralitease,,, View conversation Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles 37m @AvitalRonell1 to sacralize the prosceniums of action and thought View conversation Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles 38m @AvitalRonell1 the telos of mapping is transcendent, as is substance. The amount of 'what' that is known is precisely enough View conversation Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles 40m @AvitalRonell1 glancng beams are accessd as fuel vectors their inertia used to pull volumes from the string sockets of the Korzybskian brane View conversation Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles 43m @AvitalRonell1 a cloven sense, being as vicissitude of elemental bifurcatory structwueraithity View conversation Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles 44m @AvitalRonell1 production is nihilism in no way does life vacate its role as metabolism and parasite but instead reveals a gradient c[o]urse View conversation Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles 53m ed from synthetic plant genomics Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles 54m Cloned Captain Nemoesque Korzybskis man a flotoon of brain-squid-zeppelins, cities for the miniature Chlortronic technicians, androids deriv Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles 56m controls, administer fluids, and commands Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles 57m these mecha puppets dangle from luminous cephalomes, nanotech cloud mite collective singularities able to manufacture material states, site Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles 58m brains, or other anthropoid icons made of brain tissue, 'brain letter dolls' in tanks, clusters of them, stacks, ritually ordered Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles 59m One imagines a sort of weird Korzybskian mechanism where the puppets own strings are hydraulic lines, and its inner cabling are connected to Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles 1h @LannyQuarles Which is itself a response to a line from Beckett I think I read somewhere.. View conversation Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles 1h posing Kenny G's Conceptualism as the punchline to Harry Mathews joke about the Primordial Bactrian Dash as monoletterist alphabet Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles 1h fujin / makes me think of R. Scott's aliens as vessels of 'alchml' mysticsm what would a weird religion crossd with weird science look like?