Monday, May 13, 2013

There is a being in Sun.

there is a being in sun
to its stripes to its top
as the Etruscan cowboy hat terracotta
is still used here by which
the canopy keds for with its
same ivory vermin the cane is
umbrella daze watering the twinned bamboo
to burst hose per liter spreading
waste not want knot the desiring
feminine min pecan for brown bursting
minions green their terrible bonsai lovely
oat coat caliber brakes them shed
where two sheds wake and merely
comb the kurkle bottle brush by
frenzy to the walking springs let
white short striped shirt k-swiss the
pale straw cowboy hat the hiss
of whatever it is wears it
dead bamboo leaves fall like icons
of individual flames these paper-like
no-names seem so extraordinarily unique
as shapes their pairs of pale
dots and crafted confused twists combining
torque and grace by accident into
trivial music-like moods too slight
to record but recorded anyway by
nihilistic candor or beauty the corpse
thing drawing a drawing of a
corpse thing what as nonsensical's gravity
undoes it does the flips and
horks of existence are mostly read
by one itself under partisan for
others breaking the wish as begin
thoroughly few

two oleander
and seeeepit kew
seeeepipeeepit kew
seeeepit pity pipi teepee